3 March, 2017
EU Insights
Laszlo Csizmadia, chairman of the Civil Unity Forum in Hungary:
Soros stirs up conflict to fish in troubled waters
We always have to be on the alert when the issue is reforms proposed by the billionaire, because his ultimate goal is to profit from it

Kaloyan Simeonov, associate professor in EU policies:
The EU is not heading toward disintegration
Europe has always coped with crises, it has the resilience to do it again

Pieter Cleppe, head of Open Europe Brussels office:
No one will win, if Brexit divorce goes very nasty
The best kind of deal is the one that allows the trade to be as open as possible, and it will be very problematic if we see Customs again

We live in troubled times
EU faces maybe the greatest test to date

Will Europe's far-right govern
Boosted by Trump’s victory, the populist parties rail against “globalism” and mass immigration, claim that national identity and culture are under siege

EU referendums potted history

The Planet
Trump speech resets his image
The US president is seeking sharp increase in military spending by $54 billion

Wider use of Albanian language sparks fears in Macedonia
President Gjorge Ivanov refuses to give mandate for a Social Democrat coalition government

Putin tours Central Asia to cement old alliances

Street to street battle for Mosul nears victory
Egon Schiele, always searching
An exhibition of his best known works sets the tone for commemoration of the 100th anniversary from his death

Academy Award winners Vladimir Koylazov and Petar Mitev:
We felt like David facing Goliath
We received the Academy Plaque after 15 years of blood and tears

Anish Kapoor's perpetual whirlpool
The artist’s installation resembles a portal to another dimension

Keeper of the Danube
Opera prima with five encores in La Scala
Avant-garde artist survives being enclosed in boulder
Bulgarian treasures on display in Vienna
Pointillism is 38,000 years old
Sofia enthralled by VIVALDIANNO
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