13 October, 2017
Wonders of Indonesia
Renowned artists’ works from the collection of the National Gallery in Jakarta are being presented in Sofia for the first time

I yearn for perfection
But it is like the horizon - no matter the distance you travel, it always stays out of reach

Works by Stoilov join Tretyakov Gallery
Some 13 paintings created using various printmaking methods have been selected for the museum's collection in Moscow

Most beautiful edifice in Sofia
Sofia Opera visits Bolshoi Theatre
Walter Isaacson finishes his da Vinci book
Wall of wishes in Varna
Photographers' meetings in Plovdiv
Bulgarian singer with most powerful voice
6 October, 2017
Bashfulness and passions by Beshkov
The artist takes a peek in the brothels, bathrooms and bedrooms

The Mafia has no humanity
Forget about The Godfather characters, these are not men of honour

Daunting mission of being king
The third instalment of the documentary series dedicated to the Bulgarian royal family has been released

Bulgaria's Grand Canyon
Staatsoper Berlin reopens its doors
Nobel in literature for Kazuo Ishiguro
Leslie Howard, piano legend, to play in Sofia
Eight seasons in Sofia
29 September, 2017
How Italy inspired Picasso century ago
Over 100 masterworks of the great artist exhibited in Rome

Art is like a salve for human madness
It is the woman who makes the actress, not the other way round

Cinema meets literature again
Over 200 screenings, a competition programme and many guest stars offers the 2017 CineLibri festival

World made out of clay
Street art museum welcomes visitors in Berlin
Polka dot queen Yayoi Kusama fulfils her dream
Reflections in stained glass
Faces capturing joy and anger
22 September, 2017
In the shadow of the Orient
Images of the Other and the Balkans in the art of Bulgarian, Greek, Romanian and Serbian painters

I do only what I believe in
People do not study history and do not learn from the mistakes it chronicles

Inspired by nature
A financier and an engineer make jewellery out of real flowers

Cloister, camp, vacation centre
Animated film awards announced
Artists examine what it is to be a good neighbour
ABBA is going on world tour as holograms
Lika Yanko - 50 years later
15 September, 2017
Wagner's Parsifal opens Sofia Opera season
Students of Raina Kabaivanska will perform Bellini’s Norma

I choose fame before money
When I write music I always imagine myself being in the audience and listening to it

Muhammad Ali revived at One Dance Week
The festival features captivating shows from three continents

Vacationing among a sea of sculptures
Six unique books vie for 2017 Man Booker Prize
Robot conducts Andrea Bocelli and orchestra
Glory is Bulgaria's next year Oscar entry
Woodwork is like love
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