21 July, 2017
Exhibition closed because of fakes
Some 21 paintings supposedly by Amedeo Modigliani have been seized; three people are under investigation

Young people are woefully entangled in the online web
It is a fact that we rarely admit, but sometimes one is committed to the road of self-destruction instead of salvation

Brazilian cinema descends on Varna
Feature films and documentaries represent a colourful depiction of life in this South American country

Bulgaria's seaside capital
Two Hollywood icons to be awarded Golden Lion
David Garrett brings 300-year-old violin
Queen biopic starts filming in September
Radical take on kitsch
Another success for young Bulgarian piano prodigy
14 July, 2017
How to make a selfie masterpiece
Andy Warhol started taking such photos in 1963, now they cost millions

I grew up poor but I had love
This is what I love about my profession: to see music’s therapeutic effect

Fragments from Sofia and Berlin
17 German artists present time sections in physical and virtual reality

Picturesque cloister etched into the rocks
Vengerov to play in Sofia again
Tarantino to make a film about the Manson Family
Craig returns as Agent 007
Dinosaurs encounter in Varna
7 July, 2017
Ancient Palmyra revived in Aquilea
New exhibition showcases citizens in their different roles

Chan The Chung - the Vietnamese Buddha of Ballet Arabesque
The ballet performer combines dance with martial arts techniques

Who will grab LUX 2017
Three films with Bulgarian connection are among the ten productions vying for the European Parliament’s prize

Mineral water and history
Adrien Brody to receive special honour in Locarno
Masterpieces on loan
Fiat 500 in New York’s Museum of Modern Art
Konchalovsky tells Michelangelo's story
30 June, 2017
Laughing to death
Some 31 works by 27 authors from 19 countries transform the sad event of death into a funny topic

We strive for one thing only - perfection
Bulgarian opera singers are performers of exceptional talent

Fairy-tale world of Ivan Milev
The Sofia City Art Gallery shows 125 works by the founding father of Bulgaria’s secession art

Town amidst three mountains
Sand replicas of world inventions
Guggenheim Museum Bilbao presents Bill Viola
Is Robert Del Naja actually Bansky
Summer of Love turns 50
23 June, 2017
Munich Film Festival rolls out red carpet
The event promises high-quality cinema and big-name guests

An orchestra is a microcosm of society
Trying to ingratiate yourself to everyone would only derail you from your own path

She-wolf seen as nursing life
The sculptor Emil Pavlov with a new exhibition of timeless things

From Hesychasm to revolution
Trinks to conduct Parsifal in Sofia
Uffizi art gallery to screen cinema for free
Recycle Group challenges Moscow with exhibition
Superheroes to rescue Buddhist temples
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