21 April, 2017
Magic of realism
Passion for detail is the common denominator of various artists' unorthodox ideas in a group exhibition in Sofia

Alicia Sancha - cosmopolitan born in Sofia
The National Art Gallery is preparing an exhibition of four generations of a particularly revered family

Damien Hirst returns with sunken 'treasures'
Controversial artist shocks the audience once again

Where water of life flows
Bulgarian film in Cannes Festival's official selection
Kobra paints world's largest graffiti ever
Italian trio IL Volo with Sofia concert
Bad boys of Signum quartet
Museum of miniature opens in New York
14 April, 2017
Creating art from art
Rijksmuseum announces ten best designs inspired by its collection

Happiness factory is in our heads
I treat my concerts as a mission from which nothing should distract me

Documenta held abroad for first time
The contemporary art fair will remain in Athens until mid-June

Bulgarian khans' gold
Sonya Yoncheva arrives for Bulgarian concert
US writer wins Pulitzer Prize for fiction
Show combines classical and urban dance
Contemporary Italian art visits Sofia
7 April, 2017
Bulgarian film won Objectif d'Or
The Good Postman impressed the jury with its human touch

Music brings people together
If your profile is built by managers, you will not be authentic and the audience will feel it

Vacation with an artist
A new start-up connects travellers with painters from around the world

Christ Pantocrator
Jean-Michel Jarre plays Dead Sea concert
Tate Britain shows queer British art
Artist incubates eggs at Paris museum
Exhibition elevates selfies to artworks
31 March, 2017
In remembrance of Auguste Rodin
Paris marks the 100th anniversary of the legendary sculptor's death

I am in top form when working
I have often doubted whether this is what I should be doing

Like Crazy triumphs at Donatello awards
Oscar-winner Roberto Benigni hono—Éred with a Special David

Architectural reserve deep in the mountain
Fog consumes Tate Modern
At last Dylan agrees to get his Nobel prize
Stolen Van Gogh paintings back in Amsterdam
Soloists from Italy and Romania at Sofia Opera
24 March, 2017
Too talented for too short
Paintings by Amedeo Modigliani are on display in Genoa

Conscience is the toughest inspector
I am prepared to be a knight but I prefer the role of preacher

Plamen Trifonov's shy photography
I like to document moments of history, says the young artist

Legion's home
Over 60 titles in Master of Art
Liverpool to celebrate famous Beatles album
Sitar master to play in Sofia
Make Art Not Friends
Parallel steps, parallel spaces
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