23 March, 2018
Images from the film set
A Sofia exhibition presents works by Mary Ellen Mark

Make music, not war
If all people pick up a violin instead of a weapon, the world will be a much better place

Golden fleece quest
Ancient cultural gems are presented in the National Gallery

Monastery that was sanatorium
Artists from Milan and Sofia interpret identity
Sistine Chapel comes alive in mega show
Turandot opera performed with puppets
A to JazZ Festival returns
16 March, 2018
High society in full length
Rijksmuseum presents life-size portraits of princes and wealthy men painted by the world's greatest artists

I love what I do
Being honest with yourself and your audience is the most important thing

Metamorphoses of love
A play deeply rooted in reality about (im)possible intimacy over the internet

Baths of kings and emperors
Balkan theatres unite too
Jose Carreras to sing in Sofia again
Lyuben Zidarov's reverse harmony
Elton John releases album featuring array of stars
9 March, 2018
Face-to-face with Picasso
An exhibition at Tate Modern reveals the man and the artist in his full complexity and richness

Art is losing its sensitivity
At some point we become malignant cells hindering the world's normal existence

A bonding trip via the post
The Greetings from… Italy and Bulgaria exhibition is part of the rich cultural programme of Bulgaria's Presidency of the Council of the EU

Golden city of Bulgaria
Indian architect wins Pritzker Prize
Sade returns with Flower of the Universe
Outside look, inside look
Louvre opens first ever exhibition in Tehran
2 March, 2018
Ferrara with outstanding contribution award
The famed director will teach two master classes as part of Sofia Film Fest

Greatest achievements are born out of taking risks
The connection between music and outer space is undeniable

The life of a collector
Luis Bassat presents Spanish contemporary art in Sofia

When people learnt to draw
Faust Festival launched in Munich
Waltz king with first concert in Bulgaria
Vatican and Versace with joint exhibition in New York
Operating system: EVA
23 February, 2018
Strong Viennese presence in The Csardas Princess
Austrian director Adrian Holender puts on the operetta in Sofia in collaboration with Bulgarian stars

Marta Petkova - pointe work to the top
The Bulgarian public is the most generous - it always applauds performers from the moment they step on stage

Documentary retro journey shot across Bulgaria
The narrow-gauge railway connecting Septemvri and Dobrinishte turns into a tourist attraction

Unearthed wonders
Webber's 70th anniversary celebrated with rock opera
French avant-gardist decorates facades in Sofia
Museum of spy life opens doors in New York
Vezhdi Rashidov returns with new exhibition
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