23 June, 2017
Munich Film Festival rolls out red carpet
The event promises high-quality cinema and big-name guests

An orchestra is a microcosm of society
Trying to ingratiate yourself to everyone would only derail you from your own path

She-wolf seen as nursing life
The sculptor Emil Pavlov with a new exhibition of timeless things

From Hesychasm to revolution
Trinks to conduct Parsifal in Sofia
Uffizi art gallery to screen cinema for free
Recycle Group challenges Moscow with exhibition
Superheroes to rescue Buddhist temples
16 June, 2017
Tino Sehgal and his seven rituals
The enigmatic performances of the artist of German-British descent will be shown in two museums in Moscow

Each star has its own tune
Humankind is largely oblivious to this curious new discovery about the sounds they make

Emotions in black and white
Cristina Garcia Rodero with first solo exhibition in Sofia

Town under salt's spell
Louvre remains worldwide leader
Black Sabbath musicians crowned Golden Gods
Cher's life story told
Two artists in one gallery
9 June, 2017
Sofia Opera conquers medieval fortress
The performers will take part in two summer festivals, including a gig on a barge in the River Danube

We are older but still in shape
The world will never see music as it did back then, in the 1960s and 1970s

Objects come to life thanks to plastic eyes
The art of eyebombing makes us adopt a more positive outlook

At the Balkans threshold
Unknown Velazquez portrait at Prado Museum
French performers grab Benois de la Danse
Beigbeder visits Varna
Square 500 turns into Buddhist temple
First photo book exhibition in Sofia
2 June, 2017
In full swing of flamenco
The stars of Ballet Nacional de Espana will perform in Sofia, Rousse and Varna with 50 elite dancers and an orchestra of 10 musicians

It is great to be on the edge of ecstasy
One can get addicted to the feeling of the moment right before culmination

Hokusai beyond the great wave
The British Museum shows masterpieces by one of Japan’s most famous and influential artists

Orpheus final resting place
Louis Eyer returns home
Machines based on Da Vinci plans presented in Bruges
Greddy Assa’s fantasy points of intersection
Vienna becomes rock capital
26 May, 2017
EU Prize for Literature presented
The 12 best authors have been recognised for their work

Bulgarian folklore is unique
Singers are born with these voices, one cannot teach them to sound like that

Sculptor stretches hands over Venice
The installation by Lorenzo Quinn draws attention to the duality of human nature with its creative and destructive potential

From cloister to hotel and back
Met to hold largest Michelangelo exhibit
May the force be with you
Stone: My film about Putin is a call to the world
50 premieres at Spring Book Bazaar
Willem Dafoe set to play Van Gogh in new picture
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