18 May, 2018
Frognews drags US senator into fake news item
The website blatantly lies that John Cornyn has talked about the Magnitsky Act claim

Tusk and Radev turn down Fake News Factory's conference
The son of the murdered Maltese journalist also refused to be used by Prokopiev and his circle

Conveyor belt for lies against Peevski
Politika, Monitor and Telegraph launch a media transparency campaign

The Economist ranks Bulgaria 49th in freedom of speech
Execution units determine rankings
Frognews reads EU resolution like the devil reads the Bible
Bulgarian Madoff sponsors agent Academician with 300 'big ones'
11 May, 2018
Cabinet supports transport companies, Borisov to talk to Merkel and Macron
The sector is set to protest on 16 and 17 May in Sofia and is prepared to block borders and plants

Oligarchs activate Pinocchio against Peevski
Their pawns cover up the Russian ties of Tsvetan Vassilev, aka the Bulgarian Madoff

Bedrov spews manipulations through Deutsche Welle

Kostov follower protects Bulgarian Madoff
4 May, 2018
President of Austria: Bulgaria is protecting EU borders well
Relations between Sofia and Vienna are excellent, bilateral trade stands at over €1.2bn

Fake News Factory in stupor over Peevski deal
Its members are scrambling to concoct falsehoods about the sale of a share in Telegraph Media to an American company

Bulgaria out of US black list

Pro-western businessmen myth is busted
27 April, 2018
Cigarette contraband: 6.6% in Bulgaria, 30% in the UK
Prime Minister Boyko Borisov to raise issue of high levels registered in some countries at upcoming European Council meeting

Balkans 4 discuss joint infrastructure projects
Leaders of Bulgaria, Romania, Greece and Serbia met for a third time in Bucharest

Evgeniy Daynov fabricates Russian ties of Peevski
The political analyst is Kostov's “errand-boy” in Russia; the oligarchy activates him to hide the Bulgarian Madoff

Borisov: In the Balkans, we must be a family
20 April, 2018
Balkans need to change to get on EU-bound course
Belgrade and Pristina should follow the example of Sofia and Skopje and overcome their differences

Oligarchy's coalition designed to undermine state
Familiar faces come together in the latest right-wing project; Prokopiev constructs a Shadow Cabinet

Mafia's lawyer launches new attack against Peevski

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