High-level talks on 'irritants' to be revived amid rumours the Kremlin is to expel Americans
In response to the recent round of US sanctions, Moscow is planning to strike back and expel at least 30 American diplomats and seize US state property in the country, according to a senior official. Andrey Klimov, a senator in the upper house of Russia's parliament, told Izvestiya daily that Russia had already waited more than six months for the Trump administration to improve the relationship between the two countries and was now forced to strike back.
Disputes over who will lead the reconstruction of Iraq and Syria are escalating
Shall we remember 2017 as the year of the collapse of the Islamic State? The recent developments in Iraq and Syria inspire moderate optimism, but observers note that it is very early for fanfare.
China has dispatched troops to Djibouti in advance of formally establishing the country's first overseas military base. Two navy warships left the port of Zhanjiang in southern China last Tuesday, taking an undisclosed number of military personnel on the journey across the Indian Ocean.
Top US diplomat seeks way out of Gulf impasse
The US State Secretary Rex Tillerson travelled to the Gulf last week in attempt to break the deadlock between tiny Qatar and four of its much bigger neighbours, news wires reported.