King Salman removes nephew and elevates son to crown prince and deputy PM
Saudi Arabia's King Salman made last Wednesday a kind of a quiet coup in the kingdom by removing his nephew Mohammed bin Nayef as crown prince and elevating his son Mohammed bin Salman to this position, news wires reported. According to a royal decree, the 31-year old prince would become deputy prime minister as well and will retain defence, oil and other portfolios he has already had. At the same time Mohammed bin Nayef was relieved of all positions.
Moscow to ‘target’ American warplanes after Washington’s downing of a Syrian military jet
Russia’s defence ministry said it will treat as targets US-led coalition planes in Syria, west of the Euphrates River, after the US military shot down a Syrian Air Force jet on 18 June.
Qatar hit out last Monday at the Arab nations for cutting diplomatic ties and transport links over Doha's alleged support for terrorism, accusing them of a “publicity stunt” aimed solely at attacking its image and reputation, news wires reported.
IS blows up historic mosque, losing last battle for Mosul
Islamic State (IS) group militants last Wednesday blew up the Grand al-Nuri mosque in Mosul, which had stood for over eight centuries and its famous leaning minaret had earned the city the nickname The Hunchback.