Prokopiev, Donev and Donchev have a semi-conspiratorial meeting to which only their media outlets were allowed access
The clique of media oligarchs Ivo Prokopiev, Sasho Donchev and Ognyan Donev organised its latest semi-conspiratorial meeting that saw them complaining for nearly two hours about lack of freedom of speech in Bulgaria and attempting to convince the world that their media outlets were the only objective ones. As is their habit, the currently indicted members of the country's behind-the-scenes clique blamed the state and our publisher Delyan Peevski for all their troubles. The oligarchs spared no expense in holding their pompous event, renting one of the halls of the Sofia Balkan Hotel to host the presentation of their “voluminous work” of a 32-page book, so-called White Paper on Media Freedom in Bulgaria.
Offshore companies and undeclared money feed the Fake News Factory
Offshore companies, undeclared funds and capital flows running against all rules of operating companies traded on the stock exchange lay the financial foundations of the oligarchy's Fake News Factory. This was revealed by the newswire Monitor Agency's investigation into the source of the funds backing the media outlets of the slandering factory created by Ivo Prokopiev's Capital group and supported in its mission by the publications of the other members of the oligarchic clique - Tsvetan Vassilev, Ognyan Donev and Sasho Donchev.
Our publisher, lawmaker Delyan Peevski, has come forward with a statement to the media: “Today, the behind-the-scenes clique came out to willingly unmask itself in order to present its latest work of slander entitled White Paper on Media Freedom in Bulgaria.
There is freedom of speech, but some people abuse it
There is freedom of speech in Bulgaria. As Prime Minister Borisov said, there is perhaps even too much of it.
Capital is least qualified to serve as a pillar of free speech
Capital is the least qualified to serve as a pillar of free speech, Vezhdi Rashidov, former minister of culture and current chairperson of the National Assembly's Committee on Culture and the Media, told the daily newspaper Monitor.
Oligarchy's minions slander Peevski
A blatant lie regarding lawmaker Delyan Peevski was fabricated by a group of carefully selected mouthpieces of the oligarchy who posed as “independent analysts” for a foreign media outlet.