The Supreme Political Consultative Board for Bulgaria’s EU Presidency discusses main goals
There is no better place than the EU - neither to the east nor to the west, and we will work towards its success, towards a more united and stronger bloc, said Prime Minister Boyko Borisov before members of the Supreme Political Consultative Board for Bulgaria’s Presidency of the Council of the EU. During a session at the Lozenets Residence in Sofia, the Board was presented with the presidency programme and the priorities outlined in it.
According to the fake news factory, the lawmaker is the person to blame for whatever bad happens even when he is not in the picture
A conspiracy theory has been devised by the agents of Tsvetan Vassilev, aka Bulgaria’s Bernard Madoff, working for the Frognews website, which essentially doubles as his press office. An extensive, full of insinuations and yet excruciatingly dull article on deals regarding shares in the Dunarit armaments factory popped up on the website at the end of last week. Amid a bunch of scanned documents and allusions about forged signatures aimed at manipulating readers into thinking that the deals are not quite legal, the name of Delyan Peevski is dropped out of the blue and with no logical reason. A literature expert might see this as a trick to keep readers from falling asleep. But we are too familiar with the methods of the fake news factory serving the interests of the oligarchs created by former PM Ivan Kostov, the most prominent of whom is Tsvetan Vassilev.