The superpowers created it and now are trying to make us believe in it
Prof. Mihail Konstantinov
After the controversial US presidential elections held on 8 November 2016, the topic of fake news quickly became a favourite of everyone, from politicians to analysts, journalists, sociologists, taxi drivers and hairdressers. Of course, I have nothing against all of these professions, and I even have great respect for them. Fake news is fundamentally dangerous because it creates a fake world.
Negotiators should take in mind and emphasise the external tranche long-term importance
Susi Dennison
Although talks on the EU's next Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) might appear dull on the surface, we should force ourselves to take notice of them and emphasise the long-term importance of the external tranche of the budget. The European Union is engaged in quite a few self-defining processes that regularly make the front pages: learning to live with a growing internal faction of nativist, right-wing national governments, preparing for the election of many of their sympathisers to the next European Parliament in 2019, and negotiating the United Kingdom's departure from the club. But, far from the headlines, in windowless meeting rooms near the Schuman roundabout in Brussels, the EU began last month a set of negotiations that could be just as critical to its future.