The US lost 50,000 soldiers when it fell into the trap 67 years ago, today it is in danger of losing everything
Prof. Mihail Konstantinov
The US naval strike group headed by the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier is expected to be in the waters off the Korean Peninsula very soon. Presumably advised by his generals, the new US President Donald Trump has promised to solve the North Korean nuclear problem one way or another.
The Prime Minister could buy some time to turn the UK away from the cliff edge
Fabian Zuleeg
After PM Theresa May has called for a general election on 8 June it is far from clear what this will mean in terms of the Brexit process.What seems almost a foregone conclusion (if the opinion polls are any indication) is that this will be a resounding victory for the Conservative Party. The Labour Party seems in no shape to fight, let alone win a general election, and the Liberal Democrats are still a long way from regaining the strength they had when they became junior partners in government in 2010. The threat from UKIP has been seen off by the Conservative Party strongly advocating the Leave position ever since the referendum. And the Scottish National Party will struggle to replicate its stunning electoral success in 2015.